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This website is both new and old. Old, because it was boirn from the ashes of a blog (all the articles of the blog will eventually be re-published here). New, because it's bilingual and of course, there will be new content!

Penpalling and crafts: the link

Of course, these are two big passions of mine.And I decided to put them together because they're quite close. I started to exchange letters when I was a teenager. Quickly, my penpals and I were finding ways to decorate our letters and envelopes. I even remember american penpals who were writing about scrapbooking and sending me sample material while this craft wasn't even known in France!

There's been also some "meetings" in the other way: fans of crafts who, after swapping tips, selling material to each other for a while, decided to get to know each other better by exchanging letters. Furthermore, the world of letter-writing has some creative activities which look like scrapbooking or personalizing articles.

How to participate

Crafts and penpalling are all about sharing. And so is this website! You can of course participate by commenting the articles, but if you feel like writing an article, share a tutorial, etc, you're also welcome! Don't hesitate and get in touch!

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