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Geez, I'm so late with the publishing of articles! Articles about the Creativa fair and about an exchange with my American penpal are still in the queue and I regret it. I had planned to update all of this over last summer but...BAM ! Right before my holidays, I learnt that I was about to lose my job.

Once I was back from my holidays (spent between resting and feeling blue), I frantically started to look for a new job. as I'm writing, I have no clue what ma professional future holds for me, but my search method is working well now. Which means I'll be able to save more time for the  site!

Just a little more patience and you'll soon read new content on Sam's Letters And Crafts!

Coming next on the site

Dear readers,

From the beginning of the year, I was supposed to perform several updates but with issues (sickness, big wordload), I couldn't take care of that before. That being said, I reassure you: several articles are currently being prepared!

I take the occasion to tell you about some technical changes.

  • The look of the website is about to change. I have come to the realisation that the actual template looks nice, but is not looking that good on mobile devices. I have thus searched and found a more responsive template design. I have started to install it but until it's set on all the pages of the site, you may encounter some disturbance. I will make sure it won't last too long!
  • To comment...or not. You may have seen the possibility to put a comment under each article. Unfortunately as it often happens, most of the comments posted were nothing but spams. And the anti-spam options of my comments tool didn't work for some reason. I'm this thinkink of disactivate the comment option, at least until I can get the anti-spam options to work (or find a more efficient tool). That being said, you can still post comments about the various articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

More and more updates

From now on, some sections of the website (news, links among others), will be updated separately from the big updates. Thatwill allow me to share with you always more content, even on a daily basis if needed!

So feel free to check the website even when there's no update announcement on Facebook and Twitter

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