Creativa Metz 2015

This year, I was once again able to visit the Creativa fair, which took place in Metz, from February 5 to the 8.


Entrance of the Creativa fair in Metz

When I think about it, I have been running for years from one creative fair in north-east of France to another! It all started back in 2008, with ID-Creatives in Nancy.  I had been there with my niece and a friend of mine and we had a great fun, even though we regretted that there were so many cooking accessories sales booths. This time, it left it left us unsatisfied! Afterward, I've been to Creativa 1 time, 2 times, 3... Well actually, I stopped counting! I also intended to test a similar fait organized in Luxembourg.  But a friend had been there and dissuaded me from going: she had crossed the path of visitors there who found the fair not interesting and said it was worse going to Metz because Creativa was far better. Nowadays, ID-Creatives doesn't stop in Nancy anymore, and the luxemburger fair is having a hard time becoming famous out of its borders. Only Creativa remains one of the must-see events, even though this year, it was slightly less tasty.

Creativa Metz 2015 collector shopping bag

The previous years, my visit to the fair was always on a week end. This time, for once, I went there on friday, but the crowd when doors opened was still impressive. By the way, it's too bad that the organizers didn't think of a second entrance for handicapped persons: it must have been quite oppressive for those who were there for the opening rush! Despite that, I managed to get a collector shopping bag (for the second year in a row!). The bag seems a bit smaller than in 2014. It's crisis, my dear lady!



As usual, the entrance of the fair was made of a main big exhibition followed by other smaller exhibitions and sales booths: table decoration, paintings, furniture restoration, repair of antique dolls and old teddy bears...

Painters of the world


As for the main exhibition, it was this year about needle work, but not just any needle work since the goal was to recreate some of the most known paintings...but with fabric! The paper introducing the exhibition explained that it's an international fabric challenge titled "Painters of the world". Organised by Japan, France and the USA, this challenge sees 30 artists of each of the organising countries recreating the pieces of art of the most famous painters by working with fabric. It was first presented in Japan, then in France, and the next destination will be the United States. Be your own juddge: the work done here is phenomenal. And it's such a pleasure to recognize paintings I saw for real in museums!

Introduction of the exhibitionA Van Gogh reproduction in fabricA Picasso reproduction in fabric

A Gauguin reproduction in fabricA graphic painting reproduced in fabricA Dali reproduction in fabric

Of mice and cats

After going through the exhibitions hall, I found myself in the heart of the matter. But once again, the hall began exhibition ;-) Fabric once again but this time it was about caracters made in patchwork style: and what caracters! Mice and cats: staged in crazy situations (see the sign saying "Please, don't stroke the mice or don't feed them"). A exhibition that was fun for sure, but also and above all an opening on the sweet and poetic world of Odile Bailloeul's mice.

Odile Bailloeul exhibition: mice on a Singer sewing machineOdile Bailloeul exhibition: mice supporting Mrs CatOdile Bailloeul exhibition: a world of mice and cats


Odile Bailloeul exhibition: please don't feed the mice


Brilliant cardboard!


At the very end of the hall, where workshops used to take place, was another exhibition that knocked me: furnitures made with cardboard! I had already tested a (very confortable) cardboard sofa while in vacation in La  Rochelle, I had seen some furnitures created by a friend, but still I was astonished by so much modernity. Quite honestly, I could have had some of them at my home!

Furnitures in cardboard: red, black and baroque;Furnitures in cardboard: bedisde table

To finish with exhibitions, ther was another one for which I unfortunately have no pic (just goes to show how busy I was staring at the pieces of art): the Cake Design exhibition. With cakes which, besides being one more sublime than the other, defied gravity. Check them out at  Jimmy Feldtrauer's website and you'll know what I mean. I'm all the more glad to talk about him since he's a local cake designer :-))


The cave of madness

Muffins bought at the Crazy Cake booth

Exhibitions are cool but Creativa was not limited to that! Here are some memories and thoughts.

  • Another local cake designer was there to sell products dedicated to this discipline. We could also watch one of the Crazy Cake employee while she was creating caracters. As for me, I was so excited and shy as a fan that I couldn't even chat with maestro Rachid Braik. I just found enough voice to buy 6 cupcakes :) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • I also spent some time listening to the poet who was introducing the mini-albums kits by Atolilou... That was another small bubble that cut me from the noise of the fair.
  • Atolilou again. I don't know if it's their choice or not, but it would be great to have a larger booth. It's almost impossible to move and to look at their charms calmly as soon as there are more than 5 visitors:-( It must not be very easy either for the people working there because with all the people pushing each others....there may be material that ended up damaged, if not stolen. Luckily, I'm patient, so I could buy some charms, embelishements and ribbons for a future project.
  • The booth of TDS (still one of the most visited) would also gain to be larger.
  • It was great to see once again the guy who sells 3D-puzzles and from whom I had bought a dragon puzzle...And a couple of meters away, the famous dinosaurus saw and the Idealbox game... (Ok, it sounds like I was at a usual commercial fair rather than at a crafty one).
  • That being said, sorry but I still don't see what nail art and Tupperware booths have to do with that kind of fair.In theory, we want to see items that help us create things, not to take ready-made stuff and plastic boxes.  At least, Tupperware would have been better at the Chocolate Fair.
  • The Chocolate Fair which once again took place at the same place. It was quite nice even though it seemed to me as if there were less booths. And they also had one competition which leaves breathless...

Cake on the theme of asian tea time, competing at the Chocolate Faire contestChocolate representation of Buddha: competing at the Chocolate Faire contestYing Yang chocolate tree: competing at the Chocolate Faire contest

Ying-Yang tree: competing at the Chocolate Faire contestChocolate Ying Yang creation competing at the Chocolate Faire contestYing Yang chocolate tree competing at the Chocolate Faire contest

Chocolate Ying Yang tiered cake competing at the Chocolate Faire contest

Sweet Panda competing at the Chocolate Faire contestGeisha tiered cake competing at the Chocolate Faire contest

Shadow lady tiered cake competing at the Chocolate Faire contestAsia and Ying Yang cake competing at the Chocolate Faire contest

  • This year, the workshops were a bit to the toilet rooms. It was practical for all those attending the workshops but unfortunately it didn't help to showcase them. I recognized Isabelle, from Bobines & Combines and as I've had a chance to take a sewing course with her in a shop, I can tell she greatly deserved a better exposure.
  • A booth caught my attention: it was a big stand with an enlish-speaking man who was speaking out loud (you could hear him from far) and harangued the crowd as a fishmongern. I have to say that his booth was interesting: dozens and dozens of stamps, felt-tip pens, inks and other scrap materials at discount prices. I bought nothing there because I have to admit, this kind of booth makes me as supsicious as those who sell trademark makeup on markets (you know, those products which should be well protected but that the merchants kleave out inunder the sun and under high temperatures, all day long). But maybe he was just a man who had bought a big stocl? Anyway, if you have bought from him, I would love to read your feedback.
  • One last thing that is still good to know for next year. If you want to have a lunch at one of the restaurants at the end of the hall, think about booking a table as soon as you arrive! Yes, we went there just past noon and...The Ravioles de Royan told us that it was required to book, otherwise the waiting would be of at least 45 minutes. A second restaurant found a table for us but it took some time and they were overbooked. I needed to make it clear: because it's important to have your stomach full to keep your mind clear.
  • Clear mind that let me make the following purhases. So, what do you think?

Atolilou Charms Atolilou ribbons Ideal  Box motricity and early learning game

Embossing folders on the theme of tome and design flowers Embossing folders on the theme of note sheets and gears Grey sheet of loghtweight felt

Lot of romantic themed scrapbooking papers A whole lot of visit cards

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