New Silhouette store !

New Silhouette Design Store - beta versionGreat news for those who are addicted to the Silhouette machines (Portrait, Cameo and Curio). The Design Store has just been revamped and though it's still a beta version, it's definitely waaaaaaaaaay better than the previous one!

Besides the improvement of the overall look of the website, here are the new features:

  • Did you ever buy a design from the store, have it cut and...remained feeling stupid, wondering how to put everything together? Well these days are over thanks to the "Ready, Set, Make" page! On this page, you will be able to buy project files but also to download instructions.
  • The long hours, sleepless nights spent looking for the perfect design are behind has well! In the old version of the site, the only way to browse for designs was to use the categories. Now, with the enhanced filters, you can also browse by cut-types, artists and license type.
    This improvement is also accompanied by an enhanced sorting tool. You can now order your search results by age, price and popularity.


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