Scrapbooking order !!!

Today, I got the great surprise to receive my order from La Boit'A Scrap ! Surprise because I wasn't expecthing to get it so quickly This olnline store is ran by only two ladies but they do I super job getting baulous material, safe packaging, sending fast...All that while taking care of their store, the website, blog and forum!


Here's what I got today...

The Bind-it-All machine, by Zutter



Binders to be used with the Bind-It-All machine 

The famous Bind-it-all by Zutter

Two binders that go with it: a red and a golden one

 Black and Red Scrapbooking kit, from La Boit'A Scrap


The Boit'A Scrap website also put together kits all through the year. This one is the Red & Black kit. Apart from the papers, there are also two ribbons (the red one you can see and a black one that is hodden), and also a pack of embelisshements.

 Scrapbooking papers: brown cut out and USA old map


 Scrapbooking papers: round shaped and map style

 Scrapbooking papers: postal theme


 Acrylic stamps, washi tapes and embelishments

    Acrylic stamps, masking tapes...and a set of flowers that was added as a thanks gift for the order!
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