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What are Fbs, decos, slams, etc...

 On this site, you may read quite often about booklets. But not everybody knows what I mean by that. In the letter-writing and swapping world, booklets are pieces of paper which are clipped together. It then looks like a small booklet made for one person (the owner) by another person (maker). The booklet is passed on, from one penpal to another. And the last signer has to send it back to the owner.


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A full FB came back home!

Here's the cover of an FB I recently received home! It was made in 2007 by my friend Crina who, at that time, couldn't guess that I would become a mad cat-lover by the time I'd received this FB, he he...

Full cat FB made by Crina

I'm also glad it came back in such a good condition, considering it spent a little more than 4 years travelling!

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