Intro on exchanging / swapping with your penpals

One of the funniest thing we can do in penpalling is swapping things. By the way, there are also people who only swaps stuff, without the discussion you can have with a penfriend. You just have to find the formula that fits your needs!


What can we exchange?

I'm tempted to answer: everything and anything!

  • articles about celebrities. about topics of interest
  • make-up
  • letter-writing or crafts items
  • clothes
  • food
  • etc

Attention: keep in mind that each country has its own custom restrictions. If you prepare a swap in agreement with a swapper from another country, the best is again to ask them which things are forbidden. If it's a surprise or if your pal doesn't know much about custom restrictions, think about checking both of your postal service websites: you should find the list of custom restrictions on at least one of the websites (most probably on the site of the destination country).

Precautions to be taken

  • Find info on custom restrictions
  • Use a solid package
  • Use stuffing material, to prevent your items to swing in the package
  • Carefully close the package with packaging tape (but do not exagerate: the customs should be able to open the package easily in case of doubts)
  • Do not forget to fill in and include the custom forms (your post office will tell you which ones to fill and how)
  • If possible, mail your package with a tracking code.

An example! An example!

Here is how a well prepared package should look like: it was recently sent to the USA and correctly received. What is in it? You'll find out soon!

Package prepared to be sent to the USA

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