Penpals Fever - Issue 68

Cover of Penpals Fever, Issue 68Penpals Fever is a  penpals magazine that have been around for almost as long as I've been into penpalling as its first issue was released in 1993. I've seen it grow and evolve, and I've been really sad when Cindy (The fanzineditor) had to stop it a couple of years ago. No need to say that when she told me she was brining it back, I was jumping all around /well, mentally, I mean ).

Penpals Fevers is thus back for its 68th issue and my, what an issue ! Apart from the usual ads section (penpals, swappers, blogs/Facebook pages ads, etc.), there is a whole lot of interesting articles. About penpalling and all that is mail related of course, but also such various subjects as book/movies revies, exhibitions report, Internet safety, crafts, nail art, etc. Quite honestly, I don't think it's exagerated to say that there's certainly something for everyone. My very own favorite (even if it's hard to pick just one) being the article about the Titanic exhibition, as it never took place close enough for me to go and see it.

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Couture et DIY - Issue 1

CoutureetDIYThings are moving in the world of French crafts magazines, with the arrival of a newcomer named: Couture & DIY (Sewing &DIY)! 
As its title suggests, this magazine is about sewing...but not only! So if sewing makes you think about pricks and bleeding fingers, you can still take a look at it, as it's also about other do-it-yourself activities. And not only activities which require to have a lot of material or a certain budget: there are creations for everyone and you're invited to recycle material.

And if I tell you that that this magazine is made by the same team as Esprit Scrapbooking, you will guess that it's a quality reading: precise step-by-step tutorials which are easy to understand, variety of interesting, interviews... Briefly speaking, get it if you can!

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