Couture et DIY - Issue 1

CoutureetDIYThings are moving in the world of French crafts magazines, with the arrival of a newcomer named: Couture & DIY (Sewing &DIY)! 
As its title suggests, this magazine is about sewing...but not only! So if sewing makes you think about pricks and bleeding fingers, you can still take a look at it, as it's also about other do-it-yourself activities. And not only activities which require to have a lot of material or a certain budget: there are creations for everyone and you're invited to recycle material.

And if I tell you that that this magazine is made by the same team as Esprit Scrapbooking, you will guess that it's a quality reading: precise step-by-step tutorials which are easy to understand, variety of interesting, interviews... Briefly speaking, get it if you can!

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